If you run a clinic business and want more people to come for clinical check-ups, then I'm...

Helping Clinic-Based Businesses get more Clients using Facebook Ads Funnel Strategy

I'll run your Facebook ads. You'll just take the appointment.

Get more clients in 30 days guaranteed.

Here's How It Works

1. Target Your Potential Clients

We need to target specific people who are fit for your offer and ready to buy from you. We can target those people by interest, location, age, etc using Facebook Ads.

2. Run High Converting FB Ads

Then, we make your offer more engaging & Straight to get the attention of the ideal customer. So it can convert strangers into raving fans.

3. Retargeting Warmed People

The next step contains retargeting those people who have shown any interest in your offer/service. Make sure to conquer all of their doubts, and let them feel comfortable and easy exploring your clinic's door.

4. Optimization & Scalling

Once we found our winning strategy, what works for us and what doesn't. It will be easy for us to optimize the campaign and scale to a large amount of people. So your clinic never runs out of clients.

Funnel Example

Meet The Founder

Akhilesh Kaiwart

Do you know what makes it a good marketing strategy? This question has a big role in my decision.

Well in my terms "Marketing Never Feels Like Marketing, It's the way how you let your customer promote your services without seeking"

Hello, my name is Akhilesh Kaiwart, and I am currently working as a computer operator at a local electronics and home appliance shop. I originally started my career as a college student, but my passion for marketing and advertising led me to explore new opportunities in the field. During my time at the shop, I observed that many businesses were struggling with ineffective advertising and sales funnels, which sparked my interest in finding a solution.

As I delved deeper into this issue, I discovered the immense potential of Facebook ads when combined with a well-structured funnel system. This realization inspired me to further educate myself about digital marketing strategies and techniques. Motivated by my newfound knowledge and passion, I decided to take the leap and founded my own marketing firm.

My main goal is to assist businesses in reaching their ideal customers in a more efficient and impactful manner. Through my firm, I aim to provide innovative solutions that can revolutionize the way businesses approach advertising and customer acquisition. I am dedicated to helping businesses thrive in the digital age by implementing cutting-edge marketing strategies tailored to their unique needs and goals. With a strong foundation in digital marketing and a drive to make a positive impact, I am committed to helping businesses succeed in today's competitive market.

Want a very systematic marketing system to get more client for your clinic


1. Why should I invest in Facebook advertising?

Where you can find your least ready-to-purchase customers in this digital age? This Question Matters because Facebook is a daily part of the lives of over 2.9 billion.

2. Can you guarantee that my ads will be seen by the right people?

It really depends on how well you know about your customers' behaviors, and interests, Facebook just needs data to show those groups of people whom you choose, I suggest having your target audience demographic ready for once. This means it is only possible if your ideal customer is defined precisely.

3. What if I have had negative experiences with Facebook advertising in the past?

I have seen people who ran Facebook ads without having a good advertising strategy and were not able to target the right kind of audience which made their Facebook advertising not fit for them.

4. How do I know if Facebook advertising is the right fit for my business?

Test the Sweet first then make your decision. Test running FB ads for a lower cost and it will provide you enough data to either continue or stop here only if you test your ads properly.

5. What if I don't have a large budget for advertising on Facebook?

It's always recommended to start with a lower budget and then optimize and scale accordingly, if you find what budget would be good fit as your marketing goal then you can decide which amount should be a good fit for advertising on Facebook.

6. What is a sales funnel and how can it help my business?

A Sales funnel represents the journey of one strange person goes through from awareness to purchase. It helps businesses focus their marketing efforts, understand customer behavior, optimize conversions, and retain customers for long-term success.

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